Welcome to Mohd Rafie Loans

Mohd Rafie Loans offers superb and outstanding assistance when it comes to V5 logbook loans for those who are have financial needs. We understand your worries, and so we want nothing but to provide credible, quick and reliable assistance to help you manage your finances more effectively. Mohd Rafie Loans takes care of the things you need by providing the means to get you the money through your own vehicle, while at the same time making it easy and hassle free for you to pay it back at your earliest convenience.

There are times when unforeseen events happen that set our lives back and render us unable to get up easily. There are also times when we need more money than usual to set our plans in back motion so we can build and sustain our family’s future. There are times when we just need resources so we can get the things to start all over. These are what we are here for, because we understand that sometimes, all these things happen and all it takes is a push towards the right direction, to come back from the setback.

The recent downturns the economy has taken have made it more difficult for everyone to stick to their current standards of living. In the news, we see company layoffs and businesses declaring bankruptcy, and these translate to higher rates of unemployment and former two-pay check households now only trying to survive with just one. Services and commodities are now higher more than ever, and are becoming unsustainable and unaffordable for the average individual. And that’s the worst part – it’s the average individual who is badly hit by these things; the average individual who have mouths to feed and rents to pay – but have dwindling resources to earn the money to pay with.

As such, many have turned to applying for loans to help them with their needs. However, loans seem to be elusive to the common lay person – the calculations, requirements and the effort it needs make the idea of borrowing money impossible and improbable. The people who need these loans have more than enough responsibilities on their shoulders, and yet nobody is reaching out to help. This is where we, Mohd Rafie Loans come in. We give fast, hassle-free and comprehensive services for consumers who are in need of financial assistance. Not only do we loan money to you, but we also give you the flexibility to design your repayment terms.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the rich and well-connected get easier and faster access to these traditional bank loans. For those who are not as fortunate, such loans seem to be distant, unattainable and intimidating: the months’ worth of wait, the requirements that need to be submitted, and the several visits that need to be made to the lending company – all of these require borrowers to exert more than what they have, especially when they are juggling two or three jobs to make ends meet. But Mohd Rafie Loans is here to change all of these, as we offer more accessible cash to our customers through logbook loans. You don’t need to do much, nor do you need to prove anything – if you have a vehicle and pass the eligibility requirements, then you will get the help you need almost immediately.

Mohd Rafie Loans offers loans whether big or small, and are payable under the terms you decide. With us, you can have painless transactions that you can actually accomplish at your own home, whenever you need it. Gone are those days when you still needed to handwrite application forms, or having to go to different offices, as well as having to produce collaterals not everyone may have just to secure the money. With Mohd Rafie Loans, it’s just your car’s V5 document as well as proof/s of identity. In as early as one day after the transaction, we can get the money to you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Logbook loans are a great way to help you respond to the many demanding needs in your life. Apart from that, you also get to decide the amount you want to receive and for how long you will pay for it. There are several V5 loans available online – and all it takes is a simple accomplishment of our online form to get the process started.

With Mohd Rafie Loans, you get services that come with no hidden charges, no fine prints, and no surprises that sometimes make you pay far more than what you thought you signed up for. We always aim for reliability, honesty and trustworthiness because these are what you deserve – therefore these are what we offer.