5 little things that are really killing your budget

It’s rather easy to ignore little expenses. We often don’t think of these small things when we look at spending as a whole, only to wonder in the end why the budget seems to be out of control. And yet, it’s usually the small daily expenses that snowball to a lifetime of financial problems and frustration.

1. Bank account maintenance fees

Maintenance fees can indeed crop up with your bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards. Although the fees themselves may not seem a lot, they quickly and easily add up. Furthermore, there’s actually no reason to pay them.

2. Unnecessary TV and telephone expenses

Nowadays, many families shell out hundreds of dollars monthly for TV, the Internet and phones. While this gives us plenty of entertainment, reconsider if you actually need those 200 channels or if you can downgrade to the cheaper cable plan.

3. Paper Subscriptions

Do you actually still read the entire magazine sent to you? How about your subscriptions to information that you can actually get over the internet? You may be paying for data that you do not use, and can get somewhere else for free.

4. Convenience fees

Sometimes when you buy things over the phone, a convenience fee is sometimes charged. In some cases, the “convenience” fee is actually more of a small fee that is charged when the bank sends you a paper billing statement. There may also be “convenience” fees that are associated with travel

5. Credit card interest rates

Credit cards are undoubtedly addictive. For what seems to be a small monthly payment, the plastic card enables you to get now and pay later. However, credit cards can just as quickly lead to financial ruin.