6 tips you thought were saving you money

1. Purchasing coupons to save cash later

Coupons nowadays are sure fire ways to attract customers into purchasing more. From makeup classes to discounted wall stickers you never even thought of having, the thought of being able to save money from these coupons may end up making you spend more in the long run – because you may not get to use them since these are things you’ve never been crazy about in the first place.

2. Buying more to get more discounts

Several retailers and establishments seem to wave the idea around that buying more helps you save more – as an example – 5 pairs of socks for $10, but another offer stands for 10 pairs of socks for $15 – sure, if we calculate it per piece, the second deal is better – but what if you really only need 5?

3. Paying more for quality

It is important to note that more expensive pricesdo not always equate to higher quality. Always think first if the item you will be buying is meant to be replaced anyway and is subject to wear and tear.

4. Paying less for quality

The other side of the quality puzzle – it is still all about knowing the right products to shell out for. If you are buying a pair of leather shoes, then it might be good to splurge to ensure longevity, as well as comfort when you are wearing it.

6. Buying something that seems to be too good of a deal to actually pass up

Huge sales and clearance racks are, and can really be deceptive. Many feel pressured that they need to get something from these big end-of-season sales because the potential for savings is huge. However, note that most of the time, we end up getting clothes that don’t fit right, or are no longer in season and therefore may not even be worn or used upon purchase.